The MCMBA is pleased to announce that starting during the 2018-2019 winter season, we will begin grooming the trails at Maybury State Recreation Area.  The hope is to increase trail accessibility in the winter, and we are very excited to hopefully see more people on the trails this time of year.

The program itself will be a bit of a learning process as we go.  We do however want to establish our position on how our grooming program will work:

  • This will not be deemed a “fatbike only” trail with strict closures.  This trail is a local favorite, and while we will do our best to make sure everyone is educated on best practices, we do not wish to remove access to those that have been using the trails for years only to find they are no longer welcome.  
  • We will HIGHLY RECOMMEND that tires of 3.8” or wider, as well as snowshoes for hikers, are going to make for the best experience on this groomed trail.
  • Proper trail etiquette: Avoid the trails when ground is soft, ESPECIALLY during the spring thaw as this amounts to long term trail damage.  Avoid making ruts or post holes before trail has had a chance to be groomed or when trail is soft.  Set tire pressure low enough such that your tires are not creating deep ruts.
  • Trail will be groomed to the trail coordinator’s best ability.  Our chapter will do its best to update when the trail will be groomed on our Facebook page (link). 
  • Any social media stalking/shaming or public verbal harassment of those not using the trails as that individual may deem appropriate will not be tolerated.  Any publicly posted negative commentary will only discourage the chapter from growing the program.  Politely educate if you can, and report any land-specific violations to the DNR if appropriate. 
  • As Maybury has several trails available to hikers only, we will do our best to maintain some trail separation throughout the season.  However, we will not close the groomed mountain bike trail to foot traffic, as this is under the DNR’s jurisdiction.
  • We will not police the usage of trails.  We will do our best to create the best experience possible for our trail users.



We hope to expand this program to other trails in the future.  In order to help put a dent in the cost of the equipment, maintenance, fuel, etc., we are accepting donations for grooming activities in the present and the future.  Starting December 2, a minimum $15 donation will earn you a “Grooming Supporter” sticker as a token of our appreciation, which you can proudly display on the top tube of your bike, your car, wherever you want to let it fly is cool with us!  

If you visit us at Island Lake on December 1st for Global Fatbike Day, the minimum donation for a sticker is $10!


It's time again for bridge repair at Lakeshore Park, and you can help!

Long ago in an age shrouded by the fog of time, someone had an inspirational vision to help fund the development of some new bridges at Lakeshore Park with a "Buy a plank" program. For a small donation, a bridge plank was inscribed with the donors name. Today, every rider at Lakeshore still rides over these bridge planks, looking down to see familiar names - perhaps their own!

Working together with the City of Novi, we'd like to resurrect our "Donate a Plank" program for the new bridge planks. For a donation of at least $25, we will inscribe your selected name into a blank plank on one of the bridges at Lakeshore Park. All of the proceeds will be used to improve the bike infrastructure at Lakeshore Park.

Want to participate? Please click on the "Donate" button on the website under "Get Involved", or just click here.

Please be sure to add "Lakeshore Plank" and up to 25 characters that you want inscribed in the "Dedication or Special Intentions" field on the donation form. That's it!

Maybury State Park - Northville, MI
Motor City Mountain Biking Association - Benefit Time Trial Race
Sunday, August 26th, 2018

The 13th Annual Maybury State Park Time Trial is Race #8 of the 2018 MMBA CPS series, brought to you by the MCMBA. 

Don't forget to order the limited one of a kind Tee Shirt too. Tee shirts are pre-order only, sorry.

The Course:
If you ride Maybury normally, this course will be the entire mtb trail system PLUS special day of only trails with a total estimated length of 9 miles. The set up has a mix of fast open sprints and tight, technical singletrack to reward both cardio AND bike handling skills!

* Elite and Expert (Men/Women/Single Speed/Fat Bike) = 2 laps.

* Begginer/Sport = 1 lap.

* RETRO CLASS is a fun extra class and the only class with a Mass start, Just like the Good Old Days.

Time Trial (all classes except retro)
Each racer has an individual start time and will be measured against the clock.
Sending single racer every 30 seconds.

Pre-register and Save
$35 for most classes
$25 for the 2nd Annual Retro MTB Class.

Day of regisration
$5 more than Pre-Reg.

Some of the most unique awards for the top 3 of each class made for us by the guys at

Tech Support & SWAG are provided this year by our great local bike shops

Timing provided by our friends at Race Services, with results available immediately.

Kids’s Race 
Special course and kids only prizes! This is a fun non-competitive event for the younger kids. Usually about a 100 yard course with limited actual mountain biking. It is meant to be a fun event for the kiddies...ages 2 or 6 years old event.

Available for a small fee or donation. Usually hot dogs/burgers chips and drinks. 

Your Trails, Your Backyard
Supported by You and the MCMBA!
ALL proceeds go directly to the
Motor City Mountain Biking Association.



Registration open at

Click HERE for more info!