Several times a year, the Motor City Mountain Biking Association hosts a meeting to allow our board leaders, our trail coordinators, and our members to socialize, to share updates, and consider decisions that affect our chapter. Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept 10th at 7:00 pm at:

Ashley's Beer & Grill
7525 Wayne Rd. at Westland Mall.
Westland, MI , 48197
(734) 525-1667

The proposed agenda for this meeting can be found here.

Traditionally, the third meeting of the year includes nominations for board positions for the next year, with the elections occurring during the December meeting. Our current board members were elected under our previous bylaws as an MMBA chapter, but our current bylaws (adopted when we became an IMBA chapter) describe different board position roles and responsibilities, longer term durations, and an different election process. This election cycle will be the first time that we chose a board based on the new bylaws.

I'm very proud of our accomplishments over the last 9 months. We've worked together to manage change in becoming an IMBA chapter while maintaining our great relationships with our land managers and partner organizations. Our combined membership is strong, and we represent more mountain bikers than ever. Our financial health is excellent, and we're well positioned for our future trail development needs. Our volunteer base is strong - 35% of our members have logged volunteer work this year - and our trails are in awesome shape.

And yet there is work that we have not yet done, such as resurrecting the Trail School to help teach the next wave of trail leaders and coordinators. We have a large territory with the potential for trails that we are not pursuing. Our membership could perhaps double in size, if we reached out to our user group. There is so much more than can be done. Things we have not thought of. That's where you can come in.

The new board structure includes room for more participants to help share the responsibilities, plus a number of our current board members would like to step back from their leadership positions to make room for new ideas, new energy, new leaders for tomorrow. Please consider becoming one of these leaders, using your time and talents to help carry MCMBA even further down the path of excellence.

If you would like to participate but are unable to attend this meeting, we'd like to hear from you. As always, you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or see our website contacts page to contact us individually.

Hope to see you there!


On behalf of the MCMBA, I'd like to offer a huge THANKS! to Daniel Sterling, Cycle to Fitness, and the RACING GREYHOUNDS for organizing and hosting the Maybury CPS Time Trial race this last weekend. It takes a huge effort - hundreds of volunteer hours - to make an event like this happen, and the team pulled off their first Maybury race with seemingly effortless style and grace.

I'd also like to thank the 328 (I think) racers who came out to participate and support the Motor City Mountain Biking Association. It was especially gratifying to see full podiums for nearly every category, and very healthy competition at the upper levels. Those who won awards really earned them!







Thanks to all of you who ventured out to Lakeshore Park last weekend and joined us at the Tree Farm Relay ! The weather and trail conditions were perfect, and we had a great turnout. While the final accounting is still being tallied, it's safe to say that this was the most successful relay ever. That's great, because we have a lot of projects lining up that will need these funds, such as more kiosks and signs at our trails, new bridges, and investing in new trail development in Commerce, Northville, and more.

Finally, don't forget - our next benefit event, the Maybury CPS Time Trial, is scheduled for August 18th. See you there!

Well, it's finally here. The Tree Farm Relay is this Saturday, and it promises to be the biggest and best relay ever!

Over the years, this event has grown until it's become the chapter's largest fundraiser. They money is important - it's over 1/2 of our budget for the year - but what always touches me is how many people come together to make this weekend work. Even tonight, a few days before the race, several volunteers were out on the trail doing final touches on the trail. A little trimming here, a little armoring there - the trail was already perfect, but they are spending their evening making it more perfect. And behind the scenes, others are busy working on the parts that you don't see - making sure there's food and beverages, arranging for music and a stage rental, renting porta-potties, and seeing to the myriad of other details that make this weekend special.

We're delighted when people declare that this is their favorite race of the year. Whether you're in it for the competition or are just looking for a great ride in the park with friends and professional timing, there are a lot of people working hard to make it a great day for everyone. Even if you're not into racing, come out to Lakeshore Park on Saturday, introduce yourself, and see what all the fuss is about.


Resolution No. 103.

A resolution to declare July 2012 as Tree Farm Relay Month.

Whereas, the Motor City Mountain Biking Association, Dark Horse Racing, and Team Tree Farm hosts a benefit race in July; and

Whereas, MCMBA mountain bike races are a vibrant affirmation and expression of Michigan’s finest traditions, operating as volunteer-based events and raising funding for developing and maintaining Michigan trails; and

Whereas, mountain bikers are some of the coolest people around; and

Whereas, we have it on the highest authority that July 28th is going to have perfect weather this year; and

Whereas, the Allies have again consented to provide a post-race acoustical metal interlude for the enjoyment of the citizenry; and

Whereas, the excellent, professional firm of Race Services has again been retained to provide RFID based timing services for the event; and

Whereas, it’s just so cool that your loved ones can see your results on their iPhones seconds after you cross the finish line, even if they are escaping the heat in northern Alaska; and

Whereas, some of the past costumes worn by Tree Farm Relay participants have been highly creative and memorialized in both facebook photos and in our nightmares; and

Whereas, we can’t wait to see what people come up with this year; and

Whereas, mountain bikers support business by purchasing hops, grains, yeast, and bicycle parts in significant quantities; and

Whereas, the Relay racing format promotes a high level of competition as well as time for food, drink and social interaction during the day; and

Whereas, beautiful Lakeshore Park in Novi provides an excellent venue for this event, with interesting singletrack and fast passing zones, children play areas, a nice sandy beach, a cheerful, helpful park staff, rest rooms, and ample space for participant tents and staging areas; and

Whereas, there is a high probability of finding a tiki bar out on the race course; and

Whereas, in partial compensation for the cuts, scrapes, bruises, mosquito bites, poison ivy and a host of other less than desirable maladies resulting from sweat equity in May, June and early July trail maintenance activities, Team Tree Farm shall allow for a reasonable level of responsible debauchery during the Tree Farm Relay; and

Whereas, Motor City Mountain Biking Association members are vested in the future, health, and welfare of our trails as providing a diverse set of quality experiences to promote fitness and develop mountain biking skills of a broad range of riders; and

Whereas, mountain bike benefit races are one of the primary funding sources for the chapter; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Motor City Mountain Biking Association, an IMBA chapter, That the members of this body declare July 2012 as Tree Farm Relay Month in the state of Michigan. We recognize the contributions that the MCMBA, Dark Horse Racing, and Team Tree Farm have made to the communities and economy of this area.

The question being on the adoption of the resolution,

The resolution was adopted.

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